Wouldn’t it be useful to have a secret camera installed in the house to catch the antics of the cats that go unknown. No one would ever suspect the cat of feeding yarn into the vacuum cleaner. What self respecting cat would do that? Why so much yarn? Why not stop after the first six or seven feet? Was there an element of mystery? How much could it hold? Will She ever notice?

Do you ever look at the bottom of your vacuum and wonder, “What possessed the cat to wind that much string around the brushes. I have a new fangled vacuum so it not only has one brush, but two intertwining brushes that have twine neatly entwined around them. They spin uselessly, the twine holding the bristles down so that the carpet brush system is effectively made useless. Thank goodness, I have such thoughtful cats worrying about the wear of my carpets.

What curious plans were the cats up to? Did they save a lot of errant cat food from the brushes. I would have thought more would have escaped had they thought about the location of the twine on the edges. There was no logic, they were just up to no good.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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