Last week I spoke with a friend from college. We are well into our forties, so this connection really means something to me. We kept in touch through email and a social network chat program. He is a photographer on the other side of the world who luckily has a non-art day job. I have lived a professional artist’s life to the point of exhaustion.

I mentioned that he just became my morning blog but I wouldn’t blague about him. He asked if he was to be the subject of my blog? I suggested that I blog about reconnecting with old friends from all over the world. I also joked about writing about age and time and how transcendental it all is. His comment, “how easily we fall back in with the right people, as though the years and the personal changes weren’t there,” is the subject of today’s post.

I believe that 80 percent of the world population is what we have to plow through to meet our friends, soul mates, buddies and partners. Yes, that twenty percent is the figure that seems to be worth getting to know and cultivate as close friends.

  1. The ones who don’t mind the phone call at 10:59pm as your life is falling apart.
  2. The ones who call you at 11:59pm to ask if you’re bored because there is nothing on their tv.
  3. The one who can catch you verbally as you lose it over the death of a pet or loss of your keys.
  4. Not to mention the ones that live in town who will take you to the hospital when you have certifiably lost your ever loving mind and need someone to make you laugh and hold your hand.
  5. There is one more type that needs to be mentioned. The one who never calls you crazy or loose and tells you to “shut up” when you refer to yourself as such.

These friends unfortunately do live all over the world, so texting and the internet have become my saving grace so that I can stay in fairly close contact with most of my angels. Maybe, I am making excuses to be distant from some of the local characters, but as an adult that is my prerogative.

My non traditional support group came out of the woodwork to buoy me over the past three years.  You’ll have to forgive the sentimental tone, or not.

Standing in a Field

Once upon a time

we met standing in a field

our eyes met

and we would be friends

for the rest of our lives.

That ice breaker activity affected

twenty percent of the freshman present

in August of 1988.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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