Why is this morning so brittle?
The not so blissful sleep ended five hours early.
The stab, stab, stab, stab in my back
made me think of things to do while I waited for release.

I watched youtube, I read a book on my computer
moving around to get comfortable, I couldn’t.
So, I improvised. I did research on the internet.
It never closes, you can open as many tabs as you want,
tangent to tangent, diversions collide and eventually
the world coalesced and it was time to visit the spine doctor.

I left my x-rays and MRI at home, but I remembered to bring the baby without her bottle
So, I improvised. She ate Kix during my exam and drank formula from a cup.
I had new x-rays done of my spine and I’m scheduled to have bloodwork done
I should be going there now. Might as well do a mammogram too.
Lift, pull, squeeze but don’t breathe.

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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