My pen name is Amanuensis Sobriquet-Reverie. Why the anonymity? Freedom to express what I need to get out of my head without fear of having it used against me…again. It’s such a long story, with drama, angst and tears. Maybe I’ll write more about it, but probably not here.

Writing has been part and parcel of my life since I was very young. I started reading early, so I started writing early too. It was much easier than talking. I could only find some of my older writings from junior high mixed in with my doodles and sketches. I’m an artist, musician and mother as well. My brain seems divided into slices dedicated to my art, music, children, and writing. I’ve got left brain-right brain dominance issues. There’s always more swirling around in my head, but I’ve tried to limit what I can do within this lifetime.

I started a blog in September 2014 after going to a writing group for years. It was suggested that I start a blog so that I could present my writing in a format that is better suited for my style of essays, diatribes and prose poems. I write my dreams, nightmares, feelings, and weird observations about my life in general. I’m a photographer too, so I usually post one of my photographs with every post.

I do not post with regularity. My schedule does not allow for that. I may write once a day, but I don’t always post a blog. I’d like some feedback about my blog, since I’m not able to link to my facebook account it would be nice to have a wider audience. So, there ends my why and wherefore.

3 thoughts on ““who I am and why I’m here”

  1. I too have found this blogging thing give me the opportunity to talk without the judgement of those in my “everyday world”. I am not linked to my other social media out,ets either and its nice to know I am not alobe in that.

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  2. I do it cause I finally stopped hiding .. or no just simply stopped being quiet … & the Truth ..sets you free …. and bullies ..well all choosing to stay stuck in the mess of human drama .. fear truth ..I also realised that being a peacemaker among bullies in mega drama .. had me shot at from both sides .. from what you alluded to up there, I’d say we might have a few things in common …

    You go girl …. write …. and free your heart and soul …soar & fly 🙂 .. nice posts ..I’ll follow 🙂

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Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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