Today Supermom reared her ugly head
I woke up on a search and seizure mission
to find the contraband that we know exists
in a school locker

I’m rusty and out of practice
Ugh, I forgot to check the current backpack…
Defeated by the wily young offspring
I left empty handed but confirmed something

My child is smart though
I was not born yesterday
He thinks I can’t hear when he talks at light speed
Little does he know, I think at light speed
The fast talk, the double talk, the editing of half truths
make my head spin, but I slowly filter it down to
a boy needing his mother to reel him in
to a hug and a lesson

One day I will get through to him.

Child number two was a different story of mayhem
His mystery and drifting make me think he was delivered by stork
Until I remember my childhood of silent internal playing
Yes, he is the dreamer’s child who dreams
in school, as he walks down the street, as he plays games
Inventor, poet, comedian an enigma

Meetings are scheduled
Assessments are requested
Professionals consulted
Research has commenced
The team must huddle to save a lost child

I’d like to sleep now before
another calamity requires
my energy,
but its only nap time,
she will wake,
the children will start arriving
or not.

Then I make the calls
hunt them down and they arrive
late, hungry and guarded
Ready for a skirmish.

“Remember where you are,”
I tell them,
“There’ll be none of that today.
We don’t yell here.
Come feed your sister,
she hums when she eats,
it will make you smile.”


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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