Funny how a person from a recurring dream
can resurface from your sub conscious
after years of absence.

Vince and I went to college together
though I know he never existed
He reminds me of stories that I almost remember
knowing that he was never there.

We are always in an apartment together
he’s the overqualified maintenance guy
who happens to do this job better because he has no stress.

He tried that business crap but it wasn’t for him
His wife died or divorced him or never existed
but he has a current lady friend.

He knocks first but always lets himself into my apartment and
I’m always in a conversation with him before
I’m dressed or completely awake.
I never fear him and honestly I’m happy to have him visit.

There is not one thing creepy or smarmy about his visits.
He does a routine check of the ceiling sensors
while he reminds me of our college antics,
then he changes the subject to draw me to the window with him.

We look out upon the most glorious view of a state forest.
My brain tells me again that I am dreaming
That apartment building would have to be up a tree
or perched on a mountain top.

We share the sunrise streaming between the trees
He tells me that we have walked along those trails below
in each season together as friends.
We met a family of deer and
laughed at the antics of chipmunks
scurrying out of our path.

On his way out the door,
he notices the latchplate is broken, fixes it,
then leaves the smell of coffee in his wake.
Sometimes his scent is different:
tea, aftershave, chocolate.

I wake feeling balanced,
happy to be alive and
eager to visit the woods,
the river, the swamp, the field.

He is my male counterpart
surfacing for a yearly visit.
Not Mother Nature but some spirit
close to the woods.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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