“Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along?”
Sophia has a habit of attracting attention from tormented Vampires. Lestat, as a “young” arrogant Vampire has a habit of attracting the ire of ancient vampires. The two meet while Sophia is being held hostage by the original vampire on Earth.

Sarcasm meets Purity
You have found a new mess for yourself, Sophia!
I never look for it, it finds me wherever I am.
You have a light and a scent that draws us to you.
So I have been told and its getting old.
Mind if I take a small bite to sample the hype.
Seriously, man, get a grip and go back to your crypt.
My sweet, you look good enough to eat.
God, get a groupie. Aren’t they following your sightings when you drop into Paris?
I’m flattered that my reputation precedes me and that you are interested.
Look old man…
Madame, your sharp tongue, pierces my heart.
Better than your sharp teeth piercing my neck.
I see why every one craves you. So pure and forthright.
What now? Another vampire who expects me to fear him while he slowly craves his humanity back?
Your flirtation is beginning to excite me. You have read my books.
Required reading in junior high school should not be a turn on. Eww!
My dear human, I would offer you liberation in exchange for your company, but it seems that I have offended you.
She sighed, “No more than everyone else, Lestat. I’m sorry, I just can’t be afraid all day every day while being forced to live in a sunless prison.”…

Sophia is a character from Bella Forrest’s A Shade of Vampire Series
Lestat is a character from Ann Rice’s Vampire Chronicles

Pleased to Meet You


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Pleased to meet you. Sarcasm meets Purity

  1. i don’t know what these characters are from (i’m not super into the vampire scene) but you write very well! even though it isn’t what you normally post, sometimes breaking out of your cycle can be fun! well done! ~The TJ Blog

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