Act of God vs Negligence

When a tree falls in a forest
it is an act of nature, wind or rotted roots.

When your dead tree
falls on your neighbor’s house
during a storm
you were negligent and
it is a favorable insurance claim
for your neighbor.

If your live tree
gets struck by lightning
and lands on your neighbor’s car
it is an Act of God
therefore the neighbor’s insurance
covers the damages.

Somehow, the insurance industry
has confused me regarding
covered damages vs. the infamous
Acts of God.

Acts of God List
Volcanic Eruption

Regions to Avoid Acts of God
Earthquakes: California
Tsunami: Japan or any country that has a coast
Hurricanes: The Southern and Eastern Coasts of America
Lightning: Anywhere
Tornado: Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska
Volcanic Eruptions: Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, California, Washington
Landslide: Anywhere there are mountains
Sinkholes: Anywhere in the world

I suppose I should try not to think about Acts of God anymore.  Otherwise, I’ll never go anywhere.

Interesting article to read at your leisure
List of Retired Atlantic Hurricane names


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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