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My fourteen month old is a hummer.  From birth, she has hummed and grumbled while eating.

“Mmmmmm-mmmm-mmm gmmmm-gmmmmum-mum”

So you like peanut butter and jelly?

“mmmmmmmmmmmmum, myum,myum, huh, huh.”

Are you done chewing yet?

“hew-whih? Hi, bah gaw geh hah  ah ha  nyeh nya yabba yabba yeh mm-huh”

Would you like another piece?

“ha-ha phhhh phhhh ah”

I hand her another section of sandwich.

“mmmmm-mmmm-gmmmm. mmmmmm-mmmmm-mmmm”

She finishes the sandwich crust and all.

“um, eh, huh, huh, woof, woof” she points to her stuffed dog, beckoning with her left hand.

I hand her the stuffed pooch and she squeals with complete abandon,

“wooooooooooof, wooof, hey beybey. ooo-yeh a beh, gnya, gnya. ha-ha-haaaaa.”

She hugs, kisses, cradles, squeezes the toy then throws it to her feet, laughing.
Grabbing her blanket we play the game, Where’s the baby?
She covers her head, then uncovers it.

“There she is,” I tell her.

“ha-ha-ha-haaa, ah, ha, ah, ah ahah, ahah, ahah, aaaaaaaaaa, ahhh (up three octaves higher than I can type) ahhhhhhhh, ghghghgh”

Are you still hungry baby?

“plee, click, (drooley fingers in mouth, raspberry,) pbbbbbbbbbth!

Time for an apple. I hand her a cored apple.

She whispers, “hah.”


She gives me the most gracious, glorious apple filled smile.


“myun-myun-myun ummm-ummm,” she snorts.

This language we share is so temporary.  I’ll blink, then she’ll be 8 years old discussing the finer points of my driving habits.


5 thoughts on “Not Gibberish, but still talking with her mouth full.

  1. Your story was a prompt for me. It is a great story. I’m not so sure about the easier part, though. Three teens and a baby just seems to get complicated, then difficult, then funny, then I get a breather, then more complicated…


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