Youngest older child wants to be grown
patterns behavior after his oldest brother’s antics
resulting detentions, in school restrictions, suspensions
things his brother never did at school, just at home
worst success ever
epic fail

Dysfunction is poisonous
like unwashed chicken, undercooked but looking tender
the stomach cramps, the hours of uncomfortable ick
Child above, still refuses to do his homework at home
clenched in his fists, he ripped it apart,
ate a corner of it to get a rise out of me

He says in one breath, “I get in trouble if anyone helps me with my work, I don’t have to write in full sentences, I’ll get a zero if its spelld corectli, why do you have to look at my homework? she’ll give me time to do it during lunch, she forgot to give me the book because I was in ISR (in school restriction,) I have to have the same version of the book as the school version.  She’ll give me an “F” if I use a different book.”

Obviously, someone was born yesterday, but it wasn’t me.

Years of learned hateful behavior results in a sad angry mean child
who won’t stop talking, can’t stop arguing, throwing zingers at all females
within reach.  Obviously, this is my fault says the ex.
What kind of a mother calls the police on her child?
I must be some bad parent who can’t stop her child from getting aggressive.

I must be too self centered to let them abuse me.
My sense of self preservation tells me I have another child about to go on a hiatus.
Limits and boundaries should be set by both parents not by the one dumb enough to believe in blind love.


4 thoughts on “Obviously, someone was born yesterday, but it wasn’t me.

  1. Wow! Powerful. Difficult to parent challenging children. I remember difficult years. Child psychologists and psychiatrists. SO HARD for everyone involved – including the mother, including the child. I send you my love. I hold you in my metaphorical arms, with these words. For us, early and aggressive intervention helped. But each family’s story is unique.

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      1. Parenting children, especially children with behavioral or psychiatric issues, can be extremely challenging, to say the least. At least I have a supportiive spouse who went to family therapy and classes for parenting ADHD kids. Our son is now thriving and no longer needs stimulant medication.

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