I find myself in a puddle
It is wet and salty
and dark though the screen casts an artificial light.
It can’t be bright enough
to push my mood up from below sea level.

I hurt today.

He said, “I have depression, too.”
I’m paraphrasing now, “You just have to keep going for your children.
How could you have so many and just walk away? and walk away from it all.”
maybe he meant the family. Did I just leave or is that what everyone was told.
“I take no sides.”
you never asked about me,
you never inquired as to my health, even when we did talk.
“It was none of my business.”

maybe he meant no harm
maybe he meant to harm
maybe he is no longer a friend
maybe he never was a friend
maybe, “I have depression, too” should have been my cue to walk away
before hearing more from someone unqualified who can never understand
there is always more going on that you don’t see or hear.

The person who screams loudest is not always the victim.
They may just have a better lawyer.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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