I’m sorry, I can’t get my mind to focus.
I’m sorry, I’m stuck on the negative comments from two days ago.
I’m sorry, baby smiles, hugs and art making can’t make the vortex go away.
I’m sorry, the day was wasted when I could not find one good thing for the day to feel worthwhile.
I’m starting over tomorrow with a new something, a happy something and the promise of something.

Written 2/12/2015


2 thoughts on “Half Empty

  1. I think the greatest thing you said is that you are starting over tomorrow…I always TRY to think that there is a new day out there waiting for me. I know so many times people give suggestions at what to do to feel better, butso many times NOTHING works no matter how hard we try. Some days are just to exhausting to even try! Hoping for a better day for you!

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