Doesn’t grief add fuel to the
smoldering fire of depression?
Creating smoke and noxious fumes
you can’t help but cry to douse
the blaze.

With help, a chemical spray keeps the flames at bay.
Read the disclaimer though
trials may prove only to be a temporary measure.

Intensive work with a
MD may be the best way to go.

More letters can help but
less stress is my goal.
It takes a while for the letters to understand
this crazy life spins out of control and
is not a figment of my imagination.

It takes a village to raise a child
but it takes a team to get good medical care for MDD, AD, PD, ADHD, PMDD


Note: I started with the phrase “separate grief from depression” from



6 thoughts on ““separate grief from depression” with acronyms for good measure

  1. Love it. You could write ‘the song of acronyms’ … love the way you used them in your poem. Glad you liked the phrase, I’m sure it isn’t originally mine.

    I just googled – definitely not mine.

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    1. In your post you asked your MD to delay your meds so that you could separate grief from depression due to your circumstances and I couldn’t get past that poignant phrase. I’m so glad to hear that you can differentiate between the two. I wallow in a big puddle of griefpainoverwhelmedpanicanxietydepression.

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    1. my LISW has yet to get a call back from my MD. That is problematic for me as the LISW knows me and my circumstances, my life, my stressors and my truth. She has come to believe it too, though it took some convincing. Every professional thinks the best of their patient’s partner until he reared his ugly side.

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