Comment: An alphabetical acrostic search for truth with a hallucinogenic rhyme scheme

an assurance of obligation
by conveying security
conviction of ethics
duty to protect
evidence of controlled confidence
finality of fidelity
given freely from a faithful friend
heavy handed with honor
indignant of infidelity
jailor of secrets
keeper of confidence
left over from a legendary age
magnanimous and methodically chivalrous
necessary nobility
obeisance of verisimilitude
practical prudence
quiet quality
rebel to rebukes
silent as a sepulcher
tantamount to temperance
ubiquitous and unyielding
vehement valor
warden who warrants
xerophyte in a drought
yabber not
Zen zealot


4 thoughts on “Writing 201:Poetry-Form Acrostic #2 An Alphabetical Truth

  1. Not soon enough! Wow it is 0 degrees. Wow! Balmy weather. it was -6 degrees earlier. The schools have been closed for two days and I’m losing my will to be warm in lieu of sunlight. It’s just SAD. ha-ha-ha. These jokes keep me sane. -ish!


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