Gently, she eats Kix out of my hand.
I think she plans for me to lose a finger.  She bites slowly, though.
I pull back my hand and she grabs two hands full of corn puff cereal and flies them through the air. I think she likes the sound and the feel of the cereal in a bag in a box on her fingers. “A-bey?”
She smiles shoulder deep in the box of cereal.
Shaking her head she laughs, like a cough.
“Ya-bey” The box goes up side down.
I’m glad I closed the bag.
Next game,

Will this be followed by stomp the kicks?  My boys used to loved that game, followed by, “who wants to vacuum?”

I’m deflecting with peek a boo, a cereal bar and salami.

She’s a good eater. “yam, myam, mnyam, nyam, mum, nyam.

Always playtime
Always playtime

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