Encaustic stink bugs and wasps
Encaustic stink bugs and wasps

Death to a Silly Limerick


A yada da dada da bada
A bada da cada da cada
B well be swell
B closer to hell
A dada da fada da mada

I shall need a doctor’s excuse
This limerick has become a noose
Surely I have become sick
I want to throw up in a tip
That’s it I’m calling a truce.

Someone please make it stop
This gibberish is really a flop
I can’t stop giggling
My minds just a wriggling
Without end my brain will pop.

This poetic device should be fun
Honestly, I’m dying to run
I question my existence
I’ve lost my resistance
I’d rather admit I’m outdone.

Writing has made me belligerent
I put myself in this predicament
I’ll shift the blame to a stink bug
That’s drowned itself in my water mug
Fate tells me that was no accident.

A dada da dada da dada
A bada ba bada ba bada
B still be well
B the limerick’s farewell
A cada ca cada ca cada

This blogger can write a limerick:


21 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge: Poetic Disobedience -Death to a Silly Limerick

  1. happy dance happy dance, I love it! stink bugs, yea. Let’s see, next it needs music and a very very serious that morphs into stupid interpretive dance…..

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      1. “down on the banks of the hankey pank
        where the bullfrog jumps from bank to bank
        with a splish a splash and a belly flop
        little missed and went kerplop”
        I bounce child and “drop” them part way with the kerplop…. once they get the idea they love it.

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      2. you are west coast too. I’m in Washington, Olympic Peninsula. My sleep has been weird since I got sick in May last year — I sleep normal length of time but if stressed I want to go to sleep at 8 pm. I did family practice obstetrics for 18 years, so I don’t worry if I get up at some weird hour…..

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      3. My unnamed hero is young boy turned young adult. Human, flawed, haunted, redeemed so far I have encountered redundancy, like in a bad eighties’ song. I have three versions. Each worse, than the last. I had an idea for an epic type of hero, but without deities it kinda falls flat.

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      4. ….so you need a deity? What’s wrong with that? I’m thinking of “Good Omens” where pollution had replaced plague in the four horseman….

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