Last night, I had a dream that in order to escape from a room,
I had to color the door frame a solid grass green.
No, there were no markers.
I wasn’t allowed to look through the drawers of the apartment,
or to wake the occupant of the apartment.

She did eventually wake up and give me a blue pen.
She said it was all she had.
Then she laughed and left me in the living room alone.
I found three light green markers and started coloring the moulding.

A small child appeared and asked me what I was doing.
I explained my quest to him and
I knew that he had been scolded for grass stains on his play clothes.
He took my hand and led me out the back door of the kitchen.
We carried with us empty burlap bags.

We wandered around a planted field of grasses,
picking up sod and placing it in our bags.
There were other tours walking in clusters as well.
They didn’t have bags, but they seemed to
sympathize with us as we walked by.
Cordial, quiet people walking as if
they were resigned to their fate,
which was the same as mine.
Adults led by the hands of children.

By this time, my bag was full and it was time to leave.
The children started playing a game of chase.
Of course they should play. It is only natural for them to do so.
I was strangely calm, so I let my guide wander and
I walked alone back through the door into the apartment.

I rubbed the grass clumps against the frame.
It was a pretty grassy green. My fingers were stained.
Better than half used marker.
The soil from the sod left a pile of brown,
black gold at the bottom of the door.
I was two thirds done when my jailor
re-entered the room from the bedroom and
stated that I had cheated.

I woke up. It was three am. I must have been typing in my sleep again. Damn my subconscious.

6 thoughts on “Grass Green

  1. I was just thinking that rumplestiltskin accused the princess of cheating cause she found a way out that he had not anticipated he was mad but she was free. Just was what I thought. Was thinking you won and that something in you turned grass and dirt into gold.

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      1. See. I think the scary stuff is like the fake stuff at a spook house that jumps out and distracts but can cause you no harm. The main piint of the dream I thought was that there is an innocent and wise part of you who thought outside the box and fi und a way out quite easily. There was not great battle or conflict. You got freedom and a connection to what is truely gold to you. It just what I thought. Its not my place to do all this interpretation. I apoligize if I intruded in any way. Be Groovy

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      2. No intrusion at all. I wouldn’t post my dreams if I didn’t hope that someone could see something that I can’t see in them. My brain goes straight to the obscure and comes up with blue as the answer. Not logical or insightful, but pretty fun to make art with. 🙂 Thanks for your take on things. Being called groovy is such a complement to this geek:)


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