Note:This is a payday candybar poem. Chunky, salty sweet but has protein in it. It can’t be that bad.

Day 8
Prompt Drawer
Form Ode
Device Apostrophe

I owed my class an Ode
upon which my back
is permanently bowed

My poetry drawer swollen shut
is in a terrible rut
no words, no poems, no ode

The cabinet is bare
Oh, Odie! Golden Oldie
of oral masticated play

I chewed you
I eschewed you
an Ode you are naught today

My left brain says words
My right brain says colors
Together they are fraught

with absense of meter
Absinthe in hand
I pray to Demeter

to help me create
a poem or not
In this season of ice

this lacking of form
my missing device
may have just given birth to an Ode.


2 thoughts on “Writing 201:Poetry-Prompt Drawer, Form Ode, Device Apostrophe

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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