peanut butter
chocolate syrup
A sleeping, walking child
she took four steps today

I completed my sonnet
I completed my collage
I walked outside in the daytime
and didn’t have a panic attack.

We buy our house tomorrow
I will have a studio again
I will have peace again
I’m not running away,
I’m moving on with my life.

No more main road
I can responsibly adopt a cat
I can create my new garden of Eve-
herbs, flowers and vegetables Jerusalem
Artichokes, garlic, onions, mint, sage
Marigolds and mammoth sunflowers, my sedum collection.

I took my daughter and my Canon out for a walk in the knee high snow.
I took photographs of my swamp that I will leave
The house, I will thank for its temporary tiny refuge
The garage for holding a third of my studio in stasis as I healed.
I can’t make big flowers again until my back regains some of its strength.
Even then, my work will change, because I am not the same frightened woman from 18 years ago.
I model, I draw, I create encaustic paintings, I carve plaster, I cast plaster, I make glass beads,
I enamel, I carve alabaster, I make collages, I document through photos, I write, I sing, I repouseé,
I will have room to do yoga again, I hammer metal, I will be a metalsmith again. Almost whole, I will become me.

Portrait of the Artist up a tree       photo by Joada
Portrait of the Artist up a tree photo by Joada


10 thoughts on “Now I celebrate

    1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! This has been the longest closing process ever. My life has been in closing too. My back was strong enough to carry her outside without spasms. That means so much. We had a little fun.

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