Day Ten:
Prompt Future,
Form Sonnet,
Device Chiasmus

Eve’s Period, The Period of Eve

Waiting for the inevitable pain of being fertile
(my own fertility is being a pain)
makes me think of the permutations of Eve
depicted as she, who caused the fall of man

Original Sin in the Christian Bible’s root was the
Garden of Eden’s expulsion of Adam and Eve
Eve’s surrender to temptation and
Adam’s temptation to surrender to Eve

The Quran stated the Islamic view “They ate of it” each to blame.
For Adam’s sin, mankind will live for a short time- he will die.
For Eve’s sin, she will bear the pain of childbirth- she will suffer.

Adam’s second wife, fared better than his first,
Lilith, rather than submit to inferiority, flew away to copulate
with demons producing offspring by the hundreds per day.


While an older Sumerian story tells of a Goddess in a garden
whose lover ate forbidden vegetables
and as consequence fell ill in his rib
A new goddess was created named Lady of the Rib to cure him.

Can the entire downfall of man stem from Eve
when the original seducer was Satan
a legged beast of the field punished,
cursed-the legless serpent slithered upon the ground.

Church Fathers vilified Eve as the benefactor
of evil, wickedness and witchcraft though
Adam’s action was treated as an afterthought.

Gnosticism’s Eve was a symbol of life equal in
standing with men as prophets, teachers and priests
I am that daughter of Eve.

Jerusalem Artichokes



13 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry- Prompt:Future – Form:Sonnet – Device:Chiasmus

    1. When you look up original sin, there are some unique thoughts about Eve from Tertullian, Saint Augustine, Gregory of Tours, Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger, Cato of Utica that are pretty harsh toward Eve and women in general. I don’t hate men. I’m just not fond of historical sexism because I’m a descendent of the Christian Eve, or I was raised that way:) Pretty hard to keep a lot of details in the 4433 Sonnet pattern. I certainly didn’t keep any meter whatsoever. Religion and gender bias are always touchy subjects. Sorry if I offended you. I meant to show the various Eve stories from different religions. I had to leave out the Bahá’í Faith view of it. I also hate that “my fertility is such a pain” and in order to get rid of it, I have to have major organs removed. This is to be my plight due to Original sin, and since I was waiting for it to arrive, I was a might bit grumpy about it.

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      1. You did not at all. I am sorry I was unclear. I meant that as fully in support of you. And I agree that men can be stupid while at the same time having a few good points. Actually I was impressed with your knowledge. I was a theological/philosophical student many moons ago and am familiar with what you were saying. My intent was to bless not offend in any way. You certainly did not offend me in the least. When I saw the title I thought it was brilliant. That is why I read it and then found out I was correct. The piece was brilliant. Sorry again.

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      2. Wow thanks! See I really don’t know how to take a compliment. Woops! I took a class called Biblical and mythological backgrounds in literature in college. It was one of my few English classes. It was hard for Art majors to get into English classes, but this class was fun because we were encouraged to read as many versions of spiritual texts as we could looking for similarities. It’s like reading the dictionary and learning about word origins. I did mention I was a geek right? So I spent how many days reading on the internet about this stuff that seemed a bit familiar. If I can find a copy of MacWrite I bet I could re-read the floppy disc that has my papers from class. I wonder if it converts to txt. Geek alert! BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP!

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      3. It is really cool stuff. Those are the patterns that are sometimes used against people for other’s benefit. After all my “education” I have finally figured out that some or much of it was brainwashing. I know the Creator and the Creator is on our side. I also know the enemy and his system all he wishes is slavery for us all. Be free my friend in every way.

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  1. Lovely. I write poems about Eve. She chose to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge: so when is the patriarchy going to say “Thank you for your courage.” instead of “cursing” her. She talked Adam into eating it too and some of her sons have blamed her ever since, but not all…..

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  2. Your use of chiasmus works for this poem. It seems most religions have their version of Eve’s story and your poem reiterated those beliefs while asking thought provoking questions. I enjoyed this one.

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