Ready to get up-ugh!

Feel like I’ve been rolled over by (a bicycle)

Have phone, will travel-full charged

Ready for breakfast-Kix and fruit

Water-Bottled water is good, bottled water is good, bottled water is good

Pain level (on a scale of 1-10) – 9 pinching after 600mg.

Ready for a nap – nevermore

Teach a class today? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-no.

GET UP!- yeah!

STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER- Take the computer with me and see what all this silence is about.  She will be sleeping, inchworm style, butt up in the air, with an air of innocence about her chubby cheeks, a happy aura if you will.  She glows in her sleep.  One foot on the step and she stands up to greet the milk maiden, her mother. “Up, up, clck” means pick me up and ring the wind chimes I have dangling as her mobiles. “Up, up, whhhhhhh” means blow the pinwheel up against the windchimes. “Up,up,up,” means break me loose ma. let me crawl step on the floor. We can break all the records and play with every toy today.

My little glorious joyful.


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