Written 3/12/2015 9pm

I overslept this morning.  Hard to believe, but the world just let me be until it was the appropriate time to wake up.  A call came through and I needed to be awake dealing with life.  I slept so soundly last night because most of the weekend and Monday I had been having nightmares again.

These are the types of nightmares where I’m being yelled at for singing in key, but having the wrong style of voice.  My choir director (who wouldn’t hurt a fly,) is red in the face because I don’t have the right tone.  I’m just a freak with a low voice and my gender is to blame.  Then I wake up panting, heart pounding.

I’m worried about my eldest and whether he will be in great trouble over the next few weeks.  Sigh, nothing I can do, but work myself up in my sleep.  I would like a gin and tonic, but I’ll settle for tonic and glass of water.  No gin (depressant) for the depressed woman, or tomorrow would be a mess.

I just had another dream.  I can dose off in two minutes when I get really exhausted and have mini nightmares.  Someone just gave me a list of things I couldn’t possibly get done on time.  I woke up speaking, “Thank you.”9:40pm

March 11, 2015 Early AM
I woke up this morning convinced I had written a blog last night, but when I looked it was just an empty screen.  Well, first I had to plug in my dead laptop, then try to remember my username, wha????, then after six attempts I logged in as a guest, then went around to find my username.  Time for major diagnostics this am.  Damn, double damn. Got some emails telling me to scan my mac for malware.  Great…

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