Awake-oh -no

Coherent-not quite.  The nightmare of being in a hotel with a group of anime characters who were real, kinda makes me question reality.  I hate my dreams/nightmares.  We were taking turns showering in the unlocked hotel rooms in an abandoned, yet well kept mall.  Yeah, I know it sounds like a zombie film, but, I don’t watch zombie films so why is this in my head, now?  Anyway, one of us kept disappearing from the rooms.  We would finish showering, put on the plush white bathrobe and walk into the hall, announcing that we were done.
When it was my turn the second time, (I must have been two people in my dream-not uncommon, yet still weird,) I noticed some strange people across the hall with small people, not children.  I walked in as if I was invisible, because no one noticed me, I couldn’t understand the language they were speaking.  Their room had a massage table, occupied by one person covered in a sheet. Her masseur stood in a black and white uniform next to the table. The two small people were only about 24 inches tall siting on miniature furniture on the shelf, waiting for their massages.  I melted before I could say anything.  This is the nature of my dreams.
Ready to get up-probably a good idea
Feel like I’ve been rolled over by an angry yet not so hungry alligator

Have phone, will travel-fully charged

Ready for breakfast-Need bananas

Water- Two glasses, let me have a third

Pain level (on a scale of 1-10) – 3 sore all over.  It must be humid this morning.  All that melted snow.

Ready for a nap – at 1:00- sounds about right.  Miss Thing, doesn’t seem to need to sleep in the afternoons, so she gets to watch me sit quietly for an hour.


STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER- “I said no.”  I can’t figure out why my smtp server refuses to send mail from Apple Mail.  Oh, please, dear Apple Deity, do not let my computer go the way of my last laptop.  Out for repair, then replaced by a “better” version without a DVD drive, 2″ smaller (grrrrrrrrr,) upgrading my Operating System that makes most of my purchased software obsolete, while eating half of my photo library, since the iPhoto geeks have decided that I no longer need access to my raw image files, or any of my files unless I open their sacred application iPhoto…sigh

Weird Morning Sounds- I bet that was the garbage truck.  I also bet I forgot to take the garbage out of the house.


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