I left the radio on last night to mask
the sounds of the house to keep the baby asleep. 
I can still hear her morning conversation though.

“La-la! cough, whisper, whisper, whisper.”

“Da-da! I-E-I-E-O, mmmm-hmmmmmm-mmmmmm”

The creepy talking dog is singing to my little girl, “I like ..elephants please, that’s my favorite animal.  I’d like it to be ..Pink cause it’s my favorite color.  I’ll feed it ..Bananas cause its my favorite food.  And I’ll call it_____________, just like you!”  I can turn that dang toy off and she turns it back on.  Dear child and her developed fine motor skills. Last night she was zipping my sweatshirt, up and down, up and down. I hope she hasn’t stripped, those sleepers have zippers. Uh-oh.

“Ba-ba, Argh, bargh, bargh, roof, roof”
“We uh-huh, oh doe, oh doe.”
“UP UP, cough, cough.”

All the while the incessant lullaby sheep
is playing a loop of non lullaby horror film music.
the classical music station has
transitioned to Sunday morning choral music.

“ooo-woooo-wooo-ulp, kiss, kiss, allgo, bub, uhub”
Five octaves higher than an adult human voice could shriek. 
And the Bear sleeps on. 

“Ah-deee, ah-deee, ooooo- ah, ooooo- ooooo- argey,
hey da, hey da, hi, da, hi da,
oowarr, oooearrr-sounds like a cat has gotten into the house.

She has changed the incessant sleep sheep to “comforting heart beat sounds”
that sound more like an asthmatic trying to climb the stairs,
stuck on stair number five
llllllllllulll, lulll, ahhhhhh, uhhhhhh, ah, huh, now
“Whhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, whaaaaaaaaa,” she’s whispering again.

It is obviously time to get up and
face the small girl and
start the day of play.
Tonight there’s no need for radio.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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