I say nothing
Then I say too much
My mouth always gets me in trouble

I have a bad habit
I state the obvious
No one really like that kind of honesty

My ex called it
“The honesty flaw”
I can’t lie to people, for any reason.

I also don’t appreciate being lied to for any reason.
I’m pretty harsh, I’ve been told.
Truth is so much cleaner

He said,
“She does not suffer fools”
I had to look that one up.
My British/American English translator felt like I had been insulted.

Things started to go downhill
when I refused to lie to our clients
Why did I get so depressed?

There’s no remembering
which lie on what day for what reason
Just the truth, why is this a problem?

What I wrote was cleaner
but it did not save me from failure
in this poem and in life.

I’m still a divorced
angry black woman
on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


I do love my children
I love the spring
walking barefoot in the mud

listening to myself
cut into the wind
press into the swamp

I love to hammer metal
I love fire and
what it can do to help me form copper.

These mornings talks
are helpful.  I’m in alignment
with something for a small while.

before the world presses too hard on me.
The morning cocktail beckons.
There is so much work to be done.

2 thoughts on “Another Prose Poem

  1. Sounds like neither is a failure. I’m an angry white boy 🙂 that piece reminded me of a Psalm. Most of them start out describing the darkness and pleading for relief then there is a nonetheless turn which affirms survival or redemption or faith to go on. Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

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