The ease of door to door service
became a quagmire of technicalities.

I wanted to return a box
Amazon scheduled a pick up and
all was well.

Or, so I thought.
I returned from an appointment
a return tag was in my door.

Good, I thought.
I have this thing about leaving merchandise
on my porch for random folks to pick up.

The label said the driver would return tomorrow.
He did me a favor. I put the label on the box
and put it on the porch.

I stupidly called UPS to ask
when they would return tomorrow to pick it up.

No, the driver should not have left the tag
No, the return label is no longer valid
No, I can’t just drop the box off at the UPS store in town.

Does UPS really have a clue?
The UPS customer service agent couldn’t tell me
when the last pick up was in my town.

I called the local UPS store and
asked them when their last pick up was.
They had the information and
said they would help figure this mess out.

30 minutes
My blood pressure was rising
Life is too short.

I’m writing to get this out of my system
My system is fried
like an egg.


5 thoughts on “When you want to return a package

  1. I have had issues with Amazon shipping the wrong items to me in the past. When I contacted them, I told them I would keep the item, but would like a refund of the huge difference in pricing between what I originally ordered and what was sent to me. I guess I was not supposed to ask them for that because the customer service representative was very rude. Eventually after speaking to one of the supervisors, I was informed that the refund would be returned to me. A total nightmare…

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    1. I feel your pain. Sometimes, you have to work so hard to get the CSR to understand that you want a solution and it is their job to fix the problem. I used to work for customer service at a cellular company and I don’t feel like companies train some of their customer service reps at all these days.

      Yesterday’s UPS guy called me “sir.” I just repeated “sir” and he verbally stumbled, apologized and I had to think he was having a bad day and didn’t understand what the problem was.

      I love it when the CSR won’t let you speak to a supervisor. That’s when I hang up and call back and politely escalate. Your next Amazon purchase will probably run smoothly though because there is no continuity in service, or your bad experience was just a fluke with the shipping center and the rude customer service rep.

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