My dear vehicle has succumbed to
a case of a fatally salted rust belt
its undercarriage has fused
with itself in so many places
the mechanic cried, in frustration

I asked him to estimate
the most urgent safety hazards
and he almost wept:
left front wheel bearing
front rotor brakes pads
calipers cv axel
lower control arm
and that was only on the left side

The right side was only
the tie rods and
possibly the bearings
plus the

The suspension included the
broken sway bar which
has rusted through
the struts and housings are
fused to the rusted rust

The muffler has a hole that
runs the length of the thing
My tires could go at any moment.

Did I mention the transmission?
He says he can get one
at a not so expensive price.

The question is always;
are you throwing good
money after bad.
One thousand dollars
versus a new to me car
will still need at least
two thousand dollars more work

I don’t have new to me money
I decided to repair what was
important. Then I laughed
hysterically for half an hour.

Bent over till tears ran down my face.
My baby laughed with me, she
didn’t get the joke, but I
must have looked funny
At least I wasn’t crying.

I don’t usually laugh like that unless
my dye allergy is triggered.
I suppose stress can do it too.
I only have a normal amount of stress
for me. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

If you figure you should spend about $500
in maintenance per year, I’m really ahead
since I haven’t had money to do more than
change the oil and put gas in the tank for three years.

The question became is the
gas tank half empty or half full?
I’m betting on half full.
It should be out of the
shop by tomorrow night.

It went in this morning (Thursday.)
At least I have a car.


2 thoughts on “My dear vehicle -part 1

    1. Thank you Jeanne. Most of us needs pets that don’t cost us $500/year. But if you don’t maintain the pet that carries you everywhere you need to go, you don’t really get to go anywhere for very long. I think this car is more like a horse at this point. A battle weary war horse.

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