These are a few of my favorite things…
she hums in her head at six am.
Rodgers and Hammerstein just leaked out of her brain

A window popped up on her screen
to let her know that it was seventeen degrees fahrenheit.
Not warm. Not at all.
What do I have in store for today she mused to herself?
More of the same, but something different.

THERE SHALL BE PACKING! Her brain announced.

She had had a dream
that the Tall Child had somehow arrived in the middle of the
night and silently packed up the boys bedroom.
She believes in miracles, but knows a dream when she sees it.

So, her agenda is clear:
Wake up
think a lot
think some more
consider getting up
Do a body assessment
Reconsider the body assessment
Declare aloud using support from the diaphragm
“I am going to do something for myself today that includes art.”
The room silently said nothing in response
“Well, I mean it,” she whispered.
No more declarations,
requested the room
unless you are
ready to



6 thoughts on “Updates and Status and New Fangled Lables

      1. I should be downstairs rattling around the kitchen making some type of green and red smoothie…still not there yet. Coffee. I thought about a cup of coffee last night, it has that calming effect on me. I don’t drink it, but I love the smell of GOOD COFFEE!

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