So $1,000 turned into $1,300.
for which I was eternally grateful.
My mechanic broke everything off my car that
could not be removed by unbolting
due to the large amount of corrosion and
fracturing rust by Friday morning.

He gave me the option of going
to another shop to get my muffler
custom built that was cheaper
than what he planned to do.

Once my car is in pieces,
I’d rather not wait another week
to save myself $50.
I told him to just fix it then
we’ll sit down and talk about the other
urgent, “non- safety related” repairs.
He told me not to drive too far
until we discussed the timing belt!

He’s like a doctor, concerned for the
welfare of my vehicle. This is why
I call him when I need to keep my car alive.
He even called to make sure I was okay
with the additional charges
before he did the work.
It is just good business practice.

I had gotten an estimate a
couple years back for $2700
from a shop I did not trust.

I got my car back Friday evening after
teaching a wonderful class of sweet
children who were not on Spring Break.
My two boys arrived to assist with
the tiniest class in history and
then things got complicated.

I had the boys walk to an appointment
at the beginning of my class,
so that I could drive the truck to work,
leaving my bear and cub home vehicleless
(not a word, but hey better than calling it stranded.)

During the class, my child was
helpful, not oppositional and pleasant
until, I suggested we walk to the
auto repair shop to pick up my car
(I then realized that I had forgotten
the spare set of car keys.) I paid earlier
during the day and planned to
pick up my car after the class ended
after the repair shop closed and needed
the extra set. Unless, I wanted to experiment with
hot wiring my newly repaired vehicle in front of the boys.
Bad parenting example #75: teach children alternate
methods of achieving ignition. Nah!

My child wanted to walk home
Which really means, “I would like
to wander around town getting home
hours after I was supposed to arrive,
then say that Mommy gave me permission.”

That’s why I say he has the
morals of a Machievellian Prince.
I said, “NO. You will stay here until
I return with the car keys and your
medicine that you left at my house.”
He started to argue and I just said,
“NO, NEGOTIATING!” and walked out.

I drove the truck home, got the keys
and totally forgot the medicine.
I arrived and we walked to the shop
and picked up my car. I left out the
fun conversation where he told me
he would just walk home, because
I “was taking too long.
We’re going to be late.”

The tall one looked at him and said,
“You just want to go somewhere.”
I said, “Late for what? Do you have
a playdate waiting for you?”
Yes, the joy of double teaming.
He kept insisting that he would just
walk home and I made it clear that he
would be driven home. Period.

I am responsible for the delivery of these
children to their house or other
designated location when they are
in my possession. Hell, no was I
going to let My Child wander so I
could get blamed for it later.

“You will walk with us to the car shop
get into the car and drive with me back to
the house to get the medicine that you forgot
to pack. I told you to pack everything and
you assured me that you had everything.”

We picked up the car and drove out of the
parking lot and he said, “We’re going in the
wrong direction.” I started laughing and
the tall one said, “Back seat driver.”
I just continued to drive without engaging
with the little critter that I gave birth too.

Do not engage
Do not engage
Do not engage

We got the meds and I dropped
them off at home. I watched them
walk into the house. A great sigh
of relief. Thank goodness Spring Break
is over.

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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