Where do we start?
Therapy, crisis management, religion?
All of the above.

Talking only goes so far
but how far into another person’s head
does my information go?

I’m long winded.
I have a lot to say, too much really
too little is never the problem.

My too full life tends
to be the problem
my appendages are reaching
a bit too far afield
there is no danger of them
snapping from the weight they carry
just finding their way home
without being trampled by the
steel toed shoe, skate board and bmx trick bike.


4 thoughts on “Righting the upside down world of Amanuensis

  1. IF things would stop flying at me I would be able to explain, but still shielding myself. “I’m not sure I hold it Captain. The shields just canna’ hold up.” Bad Scotty imitation from Start Trek. I’m getting wet inside my rain slicker:)


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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