I served his purpose.
created his brood.
did the research,
created his business.
filed a lot of taxes,
took business classes.

An art major running a business, hmmm.

created and won an award for our business plan,
did the photography which he still uses on his website,
wrote the press releases, corresponded with clients
(as his ghost writer,)
unloaded the trucks, repaired light fixtures,
learned html code to maintain his website,
cleaned the toilets, shoveled driveways,
learned to use a snow plow and snow blower
(that part was fun.)

I found my Kryptonite;
exhaustion and ignoring my needs.

Now, I’m just a funny mommy who makes animal sounds
at Girly as we read and dance in the living room.
A woman who loves to garden as much as she loves her children
and likes to hammer metal until it forms what feels right.

I know, I’m not “just” anything,
I am many things, now more than ever.

This is what “self-esteem” feels like?
I served seventeen years in marriage boot camp,
divorced a man, lost my boys, gained a girl
grew up a lot, and created a wall of safety.

I’m a geek- I can call it a firewall, but
really they are fire doors. Open until
the dragon roars and the doors slam shut.
Protecting all who reside within.

2 thoughts on “I Served -I’ll explain later in the week.

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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