Incredibly late for the Six word saturdays prompt.

Very fitting for the current situation,
Life is shifting going half kilter,
Girly has learned to climb gates,
The eldest has returned from hiatus,
The tall one only says little,
My child has issues with rules,
Hell, don’t we all in way?

Raising children couldn’t be less problematic.
The blame shift game is active
again, I am the moving target
My ex thinks I will engage.
Nope, I assume responsibility ’til 2012.

Start with some basic rules, today
They break a rule: discuss consequences
Break another rule: enforce the consequences
Be clear, talk less, feed more
(they’re big boys on weird clocks.)
I now have alternate contact info.
Names, emails, texting numbers for friends.

Sorry means “I made a mistake.”
Still sorry means its my mistake
My little room has no space
for crazy-making, game-playing opposition.

Do not engage, I’m not engaged.
I am still moving forward -move.
Pleasantly packing, looking over my shoulder.

I will not yell, not yet.
Don’t pull that crap in my house.
Follow the rules, gain self respect
Talk to my firewall, solid brick
Never be chain link fence again

Brick firewall
Brick firewall

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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