(I’m hungry and would like something in my mouth now)

(I like applesauce very much)

Girly, tipped her head sideways and laughed at the straw I presented to her.  She can suck her medicine from a syringe dispenser, but wasn’t sure how to drink the applesauce from the straw.  I placed the straw in the bowl of cold apple puree and she blew through the straw.  Then, she laughed again.  I placed the straw with a small amount of apple sauce onto a spoon it and drank it.  She reached for the straw and copied my action.

(oh, yum applesauce is yummy)

(You are hiding a hamburger behind your back. I can smell it!)

(That’s better than applesauce)

“myum-myum myum myum myum”
(I’ve been waiting for this protein, oh yum)

I hand her the last bite of hamburger.  She slowly and politely takes a bite and ejects it back into my hand.
I though she wanted to eat the last bite of the hamburger.
“ah-hah-gah-heh-gah,” she repeats slowly, pointing to her left.
(I Want The Lettuce)
She ate all the lettuce on her tray.


I suspect that at some point, her English will translate itself.


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