Honestly, Plato I could barely make it through the second song.

It is so hard to hear another’s pain,
to see the images and feel the
emotions of good song writing
It makes me lose my thinly veiled composure.
-Not so composed to begin with though

Barely held together
Barely held together

10 thoughts on “Response to a blog post

  1. Something about Vincent the song and the man has haunted me for a long time but “Now I think I know” or at least have better questions. I appreciate you and respect your work

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    1. Thank you, dear man. You do realize you are an artist, right? When I teach adult classes, I have these repressed art students who don’t realize how gifted they are. You just have to nurture your art-poetry self and let it flow. As you already are doing on your blog. I have a hard time listening to your readings because I feel an affinity for your work and listening to it is like having a conversation, you know the ones that you’d have with friends at 3am in college, that made you cry. Deep, philosophical conversations before I got all jaded and wounded.

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      1. I tried to reblog the Lunar piece but it went to the commons and they deleted it because it was not part of the Writing 101. So I just cut and pasted it all as a new post on mine. Gonna go finally plant my garden this morning or at least get it ready to plant. The sun is finally shinning on a Saturday down here. Wishing good things for you today!

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