Calensariel and Platosgroove were having this conversation and a fun writing/poetry challenge popped up.

“We should call it “Spring Board Poetry, Watch Out for Whiplash!” Sounds like fun. Tag you’re it, Calensariel. Find a poet in one of my followers (or your own) and write a poem or story based upon one line of their poetry. Then post a pingback to their site in your post with the original line quoted so we know where to find the line that inspired you.” Post a link to your blog here so we have more to read.

1. Find a live poet from my followers (or your own.)
2. Pick a line of inspiring text.
3. Write your own poem (okay, you can write a short story, but isn’t that more work?)
4. Post your link to this original challenge in the body of your new post and a pingback should pop up in the comments. (Right, Amanuensis knows what she’s talking about this morning after having a fun day of playing, “pack the truck with boxes and furniture tetris!”) For real instructions go here.
5. Prizes: Self-esteem, pride in your published work, a pingback, not much more can be offered. I could promise happiness, but that is like offering world peace and I could also sell you a bridge. Hah! Have fun, make fun or do something fun and take a picture of it, post a link to it here. Life is what you make it. Happy Sunday Everyone!
6. Deadline: When the cows come home. Whenever you like. If you like. I don’t have cows so I really can’t say when late is. I won’t be back at the computer until late tonight, since we are moving today, again. I guess I should say still moving. Does anyone ever finish moving?



Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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