If you open a box and invite a cat in
they will run from you, your box
and the idea of your box because
they are cats, why would they do
anything you ask, really?

We loaded furniture into the truck,
hemmed and hawed
stacked and shuffled
shoved small boxes onto the
couch covered by moving blankets
then didn’t give a thought as to
whether a cat had entered the truck
invisibly to take a nap.

He woke up as the truck drove one of the
participants home scaring the p_______
out of the cat. I’m not taking the p_______,
he evacuated his bladder in the corner on two bags
a box, the wall and the moving blanket on the couch.

The couch has to be described to believe this.
It is the color of french vanilla ice cream.
I am going to have a beautiful piece of
furniture in my home, what was I thinking?
Baby, three visiting teen boys,
a bear and cream furniture.
Solution: Upholstery Fabric in
a subtle print sounds lovely.


One thought on “Yesterday’s Cat

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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