She must be running in circles
in her playpen, “Time to get up
time to get out,” her feet shake
the floor above me. “Hey!” says
Girly, then she grows silent.

I wonder what she’s doing?
She’s upstairs thinking the
same thing, “I wonder what
Mommy is doing?” We both
wait for a sound, playing the
silence game, then a toy starts
to sing. Time to get up and
change the baby.

“Up, oww-wa,up.”


2 thoughts on “Footsteps

  1. 🙂 Girly is a ball of energy. Last night she went to bed napless, then woke up an hour later pointing to the things she wanted to play with in the room. I brought her downstairs, changed her, then she crawled back upstairs so she could go back to bed. (I followed close behind her on the stairs of course. I laughed out loud. ) She is not able to launch herself into the playpen yet. Sweet child.


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