This is a very amusing interesting process,
having a 17 year old dropped
in my lap. He is no longer
on vacation from my life and
we have spent much time catching up.
He does spend a fair amount of time
preening, primping and selfi-ing
and incessant texting.

How many girlfriends has he had?
Do I have any grandchildren?

We talk about hair and skin.
Now a black woman gets to
talks to her mixed race
son about his dark thick
hair, how to style it and
how you have to moisturize
before you hot curl it.
(He wears it straight.)

We used to do this when he was
13, but with make up.

Sigh. This is all new again.

A 17 month old girl and a
17 year old boy man child
life is priceless!


11 thoughts on “This process

  1. WOW – just had my 28 year old move back with me for a year (he moved out about 2 months ago), I had not seen him at all for 6 years period! Similar thoughts to yours, including the do I have any grandchildren! Eerie!

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  2. The most important thing you need to survive is a sense of humor, and from reading your stuff I know you got that in spades! 😀 I’d like to be able to tell you it’ll get better, but we have a 37-year-old son whose going through a divorce and has been separated for five years living with us. For as fast as these people text, they sure move their butts slow when it comes to stuff like legal paper work! (rolls eyes..)

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  3. Would we love them any other way? No, he is who he is, altho his big sighs and cussings at the Walmat kind of bothered me yesterday (the lines! the people! yeah totally unexpected at walmart lol)

    it’s been wonderful tho having him around. No one I love more 😀

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    1. Mine had a mini silent treatment attack when I asked him to mow the lawn yesterday. He used his serious face, while listening to death metal, then he cut the lawn. Made a big production of getting out sunscreen and water in case he got too hot. (It was like 65 in the shade here.) The drama of being seventeen is really much better than my fast talking 13 year old. He’s at a church retreat. Hiking is really good for the soul. I hope he hikes a lot more before he comes back. The 15 year old went off to Saturday school for tardiness this morning, then went home to eat for three hours. This child (the silent sentinel) rushes for no one if food is in the way. I love how different they are. All very intense though. Girly is singing again, so nap time is over.

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      1. This comment is SO FUNNY – well at 28, CHECK re the attitude, CHECK re the drama, CHECK re the food, CHECK re your hope re the hiking… yeah I hate to tell you but you’re in it for the long haul. The good thing is, some of the angst is directed toward the girlfriend (or boyfriend, or spouse… (Thank goodness I’M not so “guilty” anymore, haha!)

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