I was replying to a post when I realized that an update was probably needed since I’m so long winded in my replies and it relates to this post as well http://www.platosgroove.com/?p=1368

Columbine with chives, suits this emo child, round and pointed at the same time

My eldest had a mini silent treatment attack when I asked him to mow the lawn yesterday. He used his serious face, while listening to death metal, then he cut the lawn. Made a big production of getting out sunscreen and water in case he got too hot. (It was like 65 in the shade here.)

Yucca, going in all directions

The drama of being seventeen is really much better than my fast talking 13 year old (my child.) He’s at a church retreat. Hiking is really good for the soul. I hope he hikes a lot more before he comes back.

He likes to be called slenderman, creepy…

The 15 year old went off to Saturday school for tardiness this morning, then went home to his father’s house to eat for three hours. This child (the silent sentinel) rushes for no one if food is involved. Last night’s choir competition went well.  I love how different they are.

Comfrey, for Girly can be a homeopathic poultice for blisters and rashes

All very intense though. Girly is singing again, so nap time is over.  Time to sort 18 mos. baby clothes into her closet.  The baby clothes fairy visited, so I need to thank her and find a place for the diva clothing.

*My hand in the featured image is behind a monardia plant stem from last year (bee balm.)

8 thoughts on “Three boys and a baby update

  1. I’m impressed with your knowledge of plants! (And your knowledge of kids. :D) I always look forward to reading your blog. Sounds like you’re having a “manageable” weekend. I laughed about the church camp thing. Sounds like something I would have said about my kids at that age. 😀

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    1. Thank you. I’ve been gardening since 1999. I learned most of it from other gardeners and books. I stare at pictures a lot. I started with basil in my window sills in college. I grew up with an apple tree, azalea bushes, a maple tree and tomatoes at home. I hate fried green tomatoes. Picking dandelions greens and cherries off the trees at my great grandmother’s house was a nice memory. She’d give me a bucket and I would fill it with the early spring green leaves.

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