Mam smells like a hug and a kiss,
Da smells like where he goes.
I think he plays with kitties there
he has hair like kitties on his face.

Gramma smells like Gramma, like sparkly neck toys and patty cake.
Great Gramma Bear smells like wood and kitchen.
Great Gampa Bear smells like shoos and the big soft chair.
Cousin Baby Girl smells like my milk and my toys.

My bigger giant brother smells like sleep and music.
My littlest giant smells like fun and loud mouth noises.
My smaller giant smells like cookies and crackers.

Nana smells like that stringed music thing we play and hop dancing.
Mrs. Grama smells like the talking box and arm dancing.

Mam’s note: I typed this for Girly, she tends to use her fists to type, so she dictated this to me yesterday.

8 thoughts on “Girly smells the world

  1. Loved it! What an adorable poem. And really relevant. They say our olfactory glands bring back our strongest memories. You should save this for her for when she’s old enough to look back and appreciate it.

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