She runs and dances, clapping
singing, but becomes silent when I sing to her
She’s trying to learn the words

With her favorite tutu and glitter slippers on
she walks that cat walk sideways
looking back and smiling at me to see
if I will come and visit the “Mow’s”
at the front door.

Sergio and Oliver look up as if to say,
“It’s her! Does she have food?”
“Oh No! wrong her, she just wants to touch us
and squeal. We want the big her, she brings us
chickens and mystery meat.”

Girly, thankfully does not speak cat
so she remains happy to see the neighbor felines.

“Hey-uh bat baby, guya an uh-huh bat baby.”

I open the door every morning to let more light in.
Depression avoidance tactic.
She hits the window with her palm to announce her
presence and the cats come running.

They know its Girly. They’re just playing coy cats!
When she’s outside in the stroller, they rub their bodies
against her feet, politely marking her with their scent.
She belongs to them, but she can’t feed them,
she would eat the cat food, it looks too much like cereal.

She’s cooing quietly to her stuffed dog, “woof-woof.”
“Ooooo-uh aye-yuh, ha, ba da baa duh”
Then I can hear her tone switch to the stuffed rabbit
her rough and tumble buddy, “Rufff, roar, grrrrrrrr, wheeeeee!”

Wuggle, na-uh, bay-beeeeeeee! Noggle,
Hi kuh way! Everything is a great pronouncement.
Haaa-hah! With joy and humming, the way it should be.
To load the garden in the truck we go…

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3 thoughts on “Girly ran past 18 months smiling with all 16 teeth showing

  1. It’s truly inspiring the way you have such observant eyes to see your daughter. I hope you save this stuff so someday you can show her and she’ll understand what a blessing she was to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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