I’ve been on my way to a poppy garden for days now

Every day Philas calls and says the poppies are in bloom

Each day, I almost get there.

The first day my bear got laid off so we spent
the day discovering the wonderful computer bureaucracy
of not knowing a pin number that he must have created
six years ago and not knowing that the jobs counseling
site was different than the unemployment site.
After successfully resetting the pin,
uploading his resume, and searching related field descriptions
there is a waiting week and he has
received calls from insurance companies asking
if he would like to try selling insurance instead
of continuing to work in his skilled field that
he has ten years of experience in.

The second day my eldest had to do Federal Financial
Aid Entrance Counseling. There is an angry economist in
an office somewhere who thinks that a torturous online
survey style course can be completed in 30 minutes
before the website timer logs you out and
you lose all of your information and the site forces you
to log in again and again and again.
IT took three and a half hours to complete.

What average high school senior can comprehend the
“simple” explanation of deferment, forbearance, default,
principal balance and compounded interest?
What he was able to understand was that he needs to get a job NOW,
keep a job and work more hours than he wants in order to stay in school
from five to nine pm six days a week AND after he graduates
he has a six month grace period to get a better paying job
so that he can pay 87 dollars a month
for ten years to pay off this teeny tiny little loan amount.

He was nearly unconscious by the end of the counseling.
Wrapped up in a blanket saying, “I’m awake, zzzz, ugh I’m awake,
please take me to Grandma’s house.”

Sure, it is a responsibility of the US government to provide this kind of
realistic information to kids who have dreams of higher education.
I thank them for providing the information to my “on the edge” senior
who is desperate to go to school and now understands that
he is trapped if he studies what he loves,
like his idiot parents before him. I forced him to take one of the copies
of the budget so he could understand the absence of leeway in his budget
for eating and entertainment. I hope he finds free wifi and uses the
public library to survive this ten year sentence of poverty.

Purgatory is the place I live in. Promises of poppies, but I get pie charts and budget spreadsheets instead.IMG_4975

My bear says I deserve more poppies. Sweet bear.


8 thoughts on “Poppies; What it really means to be an adult.

    1. Thank you! I’m trying to present information about where I am without opening a window and screaming 🙂 Funny, my neighbors do a fair amount of screaming, the Grackles and Bluejays do their share of screaming. Obviously, I’m missing my primal scream therapy. 🙂 I think I’m going to have to write about this this am. Thanks for your writing prompt.

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