Atrial enlargement on the
right side of the heart
can stop a heart
a cardiovascular disease
I wanted nothing to do with
cardiomyopathy that may be genetic
but has been occurring for more than a
year, but My Child was never taken to the doctor.
Why would he need a doctor for chest pain?

Obviously, he was making it up
or it was growing pains, I can not go back and
predict why he has it. Or why he was allowed to
walk around in pain without having been taken to a doctor.

I could allow my imagination to tread down the murky untrained path of guestimating that he had untreated strep throat and a fever that lead to rheumatic fever which
lead to his yet unspecified enlarged heart condition. The best I can do now is wait for a cardiologist’s appointment so I can NOT PANIC know how to proceed. It could be genetic.

No one in our families has heart problems.
He could just have a rare case of heart disease,
no harm, no foul, just fate. Damn fate.

Better to know than not know.
He could have been a statistic
he wanted to be on the football team
next year, but will not even be allowed to have
Phys Ed. for a while.

He says it never hurts while he’s
running, just when he stops it feels
like his heart is being squeezed.
I’ve sprained a chest wall,
but never felt my heart being squeezed I can’t
imagine that. I’ve told him to tell his father, over and over. My Child, says he did, over and over and nothing was done. I feel like I’m sinking. I can only imagine that he
feels something. We went to the Dr. had the EKG, then he went back to school. He came for his visit (ON TIME) and asked me to google Atrial Enlargement, then he wanted to watch a movie. I let him watch a movie, then I took him home.

When I told his father about the appointment, he said, “what chest pain?”

2 thoughts on “I didn’t sleep well

  1. That’s kind of scary. Lot of poor communication there, but on whose part, his or dad’s? I hope you caught it in time for them to treat it. IS there a treatment option for it? Boy, if it’s not one thing it’s ten others, isn’t it… {{{metalflower}}}

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    1. I’ll never really know. Neither one has much interest in honesty. I need to get him to see a cardiologist. My child says he told his father, My ex -says he didn’t know anything about it. My child told me he was told it was heartburn by his father. My child also told his father that i don’t feed him, when he visits. Consider the sources. They both lie. Whatever the truth is resulted in an enlarged heart.


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