So the pediatric cardiologist, finally received the pediatrician’s EKG for My Child. I called the day before, first thing in the morning and finally at the end of the visit to request that it be faxed to the specialist’s office. Three calls to get a result to a specialist who told me that the machine was calibrated for an adult not a child.

My child feels that his heart is being squeezed. His Atrial is NOT enlarged. He is not dizzy or passing out when this happens. If this does occur I am to let the specialist know and he will see My Child sooner than the two month follow up appointment that has been scheduled. His in office EKG with the cardiologist looked nothing like the EKG with the pediatrician.

His chest pains are being classified as growing pains. Musculoskeletal pains due to fast growth. He is slender and five foot nine inches tall at age 13.

Crises averted.


5 thoughts on “Heart, A sigh of relief

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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