“There is no purchase, nothing to push against” http://www.platosgroove.com/?p=1554


I can seek purchase as I slide down the face of a smooth cliff,
my left hand finds a crevice and dislocates my wrist as
I find a right toe hold on a ridge that minutes before was invisible.
Left leg bent clinging to the chest of the mountain,
I rest panting, blessing the stone with my breath.

Sacrifice the wrist and chafed skin
for the security of not
free falling to the earth.
That will teach me to check my carabiner
before jumping off a cliff.


I can seek to purchase a pair of shoes that fit my
agile feet and nimble toes. I may have to visit four
stores before I find a vessel that makes my feet sigh
in relief when I find the perfect size.

The tips of my not so nimble toes.
The tips of my not so nimble toes.

5 thoughts on “Take one line and run with it off a cliff (pictures added)

  1. I had a dream I was falling. Frantic I struggled against it. When I stopped the struggle I landed lightly in a sunlit meadow by a bright bubbling brook. It was my true home that had been calling me. You know I think you are brilliant right?

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  2. Brilliant light shined on my back and I wondered where the clouds had gone. A chilly spring day changed to summer while I had napped by the brook. Happy I had worn white, I removed my cloak and let my arms soak in the rays of sunshine that recharged my seasonal blues. A light filled with vitamin D gave me reason to stand up blinking into the glowing orb. I smiled and called to my right as we raced along the meadow downhill. My partner in crime witnessed me change into a water sprite, my natural form. I laughed with a joy I had forgotten, splashing and running from stone to puddle to bank and back again.

    Brilliance echoed back at you Plato.


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