There are things you are not supposed to do.
1.Take pictures in the dark.-Yesterday

2.Take pictures of events in cavernous light sucking buildings
like darksome chapels, darkish cathedrals or should I just call them caves. Some amount of light is necessary for the shutter to trap (capture) the image.-Yesterday

3.Fall in the mud with your camera. -Wednesday
4.Take photos of people without a signed release. -Yesterday
5.Take 400 blurry, dark pictures.-Yesterday
6.Use your camera as a shield. Though sometimes, my camera is the only thing that gets me through an event. I am a photographer, not a terrified adult in a crowd. -Friday and Yesterday
7.Take so many pictures that at least one will look okay. Now that I have a digital SLR (Single lens reflex) camera, I no longer bracket, I take as many shots as my camera will allow before I overload the processor. I am a high user/high stress photographer. “Click,step,click,step,click,step,click,step,click,step…
until the red light flashes and the display says ‘busy, processing.’-Everyday
8.Do not routinely take 300 photographs in one location. It stresses out your family, your camera’s processor and your battery. ‘Well, that’s hardly anything really, I can shoot about 1000 in a day if I’m in a new city or park I haven’t visited before.’ I’m just going to have to get another couple extra terrabyte hard drives and card readers.-Everyday
9.Never run out of film. This has become, never run out of space on your memory card, never let your batteries go dead and always stay near a vehicle with a car charger of some sort. (I carry two spare charged batteries and a car charger.)-Never
10. Never leave home without a camera. Is it possible? Let’s see:
a. clothes
b. clean clothes
c. spare clothes for Girly
d. diapers
e. jacket
f. keys
g. cell phone (spare camera)
h. real camera
i. spare batteries
j. charger
k. spare chip (I haven’t seen that since I started packing)
l. chip reader (haven’t seen that since last winter)
m. USB cord, with the correct end on it for image transfer
n. Laptop, with a full charge
o. Girly
p. Food
q. Emergency seizure bag with meds
r. Water
s. gas
t. Purse with wallet in it.
u. Car
v. Music for the car
w. A final location
x. The will to leave the house (or, no terror)
y. The videos I forgot to return to the drug store
z. Energy
I have just packed a car, now time for a nap. Everybody out of the car.

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