I wrote this on Thursday and have been having fits getting the interface to accept my photographs. Patience, I shall have patience one day.

Loads of pictures
My camera misbehaved
I slid down the muddy
incline, to catch the
geese prints in what

It was mud, not sand
It was mud, not sand

I thought it was sand
but mud dries, brushes off
camera was fine
white shoes were brown
stepped ankle deep in the mud
fine silt from the river

Girly got a purple ball
and wanted to show it to the geese family.

Play soccer with the geese?
Play soccer with the geese?

These were park geese, very polite,
very docile with Miss “I want to play”
with all creatures great and small
She ran to them with her arms extended.

Can I hug them?
Can I hug them?
Girly in a stroller, with bear and me

Life breaks with Bear and Girly.

I had to leave the park,
I realized there were far too many
teens wandering through the park,
my anxiety level was creeping up pretty high.
I became hyper aware of my purse, my camera,
my child (not in that order.) I felt like a
billboard for “mug us in the city park!”
No one followed us but the same group of
kids just kept walking by us.

Also, the two drunk guys playing
frisbee really freaked me out.
They kept hitting the cars with the frisbee.
I should have thought it was funny.
I’m a bit tense in public.
Usually when we go to the park
we are the only ones there or
maybe 5 people pass us in a period of an hour.

It was like going to the mall in the woods
with nothing to buy. Do people go to the park
to people watch? I would have expected it at the beach
I can handle beaches. My spider sense was tingling.
Well, by then it was throbbing,

I’m going to enjoy living out in the woods.

Washed up driftwood
Washed up driftwood
I wonder if I could get a job sorting driftwood in the park?
I wonder if I could get a job sorting driftwood in the park?

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Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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