So I decided to hide
beneath the cover of feathers

It got too hot under there
I stripped to underwear
and decided to peek out
for some air

The light was brighter
the pain was lighter
and I chose to do
something better

I vented, I sobbed
I cried, then vowed
no more hiding behind bird feathers.

A walk in the park
some photos of flowers
some puddle splashing with Girly
its never too early for that
wet toes in or out of shoes
help- believe me.

Not a great camera
but the photos captured
some of the wetlands we
discovered. A prehistoric
looking land with big birds and
big plants that you accessed by
running the gauntlet through
the biting forest.

It was dark and quiet
though Girly feared
not one mosquito and pranced
on the path like she was
on her way to a party.

When you have nineteen months
under your belt and your
mommy and daddy love you
surround you what is there to fear
Explore, run and jump
fall down, brush off and stand up.

Lessons taught by she
who doesn’t utter sentences
yet, but her look
the posture the abandon
I’m still learning
she’s teaching me to enjoy
each and every moment.

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Fern not feathers
Girly prances with a branch
running the gauntlet
through the breeding grounds
into the flowers
one or two days more
imagine the expanse of yellow flowers
next to these shallow restored Wetlands.


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