Portrait or landscape, that is the question.
Portrait or landscape, that is the question?

preen preen twitch twitch pick pick flutter fluff flutter fluff The two Grackles dance on the branch shuffle right shuffle right shuffle right to the edge and the brother has to fly from his perch his brother laughs and back to the nest they go. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Common_Grackle/sounds Check out their songs and calls. This is what I wake to each morning. I played the sounds too loudly and now Girly is up, “Beybee, baybe”


2 thoughts on “Grackles dance

    1. Its a small family of grackles in the eaves of the old house. They’re better than the bluejays, or the four am birds (who I hear but never see.) Never a flock of grackles, though at the new house I’m not sure. We did see a flock of dark birds, we are much closer to a migratory path, who took over about five or six tree tops but the trees are MUCH taller and the birds made flock noise which was more like WHOOSH and PATTER. Also, I think the grackles live here year round. This makes me think the article I just read was compiled by many people on different days who never went into the same room to share information.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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