“Planted in new ground hoping for the water and the warmth and the worms to do their work”
A launching point…

A mini death to the woody perennial plant
leaves, unfit branches and acorns dropped
No- an unraveling inside the
protective shell that keeps it safe
until the light pulls it forth
erupting from the semi-decaying swathe.
Worms nearby churning through
matter producing fertile ground for
a miniature replica of the stoic oak tree.


7 thoughts on “New Tree Growing in a Gutter

  1. its like that ain’t it? Sometimes the ones that work are found already growing, waiting for us to get there. So too in my life. Sowing looking searching for the way and so many times it exists independent and different from my intention. But I would not have stumbled upon it without the stumbling. 🙂 good stuff my friend.

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